Policies & Contract Terms

If you'd like to see our contract terms in advance, here are the policies and contract terms that ar

Contract is not valid without receipt of deposit. Deposits and payments paid toward contract are non-refundable. The balance is due at the time of pick-up and is to be paid in cash. Credit card payments must be processed at least 24 hours in advance.  If the gratuity has not been added to the contract, please remember 15% - 20% is customary.

Smoking is prohibited inside any vehicle at all times; there will be a $100.00 charge if client is caught smoking in the vehicle.  Alcohol is prohibited inside the vehicle if the passenger is under the age of 21. Client agrees to pay for any damages to the vehicle caused by them or any members of their party (i.e. spillage, broken glasses, etc). There will be a $25.00 charge for each broken or missing glass.  If sickness occurs inside or on the vehicle, there will be a clean-up fee of $250.00. Vehicles may not hold more passengers than their stated capacity.

If contract exceeds drop time, client is responsible for additional payment at conclusion of rental. Overtime and wait time charges will apply after the first 15 minutes and are based on ½ hour increments. Transfer or Airport indicates a one pickup and one drop off charter.  If contract exceeds drop time and another job is contracted for the same vehicle immediately following, the driver will notify the client and the driver will have to leave at that time. The client at that time will be responsible for their own transportation.

We will not be held liable for safekeeping of any items left in the vehicle. We are not responsible for delays or termination due to severe weather or unsafe road conditions. We will not be held liable in the event of a mechanical breakdown and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed upon date.

The driver has the right to terminate run without refund for any violation of the terms of this contract. The driver will transport passengers to a safe location and from this location it is the responsibility of the party to obtain a ride. 

By confirming and/or signing contract, client agrees to all the above terms and conditions. Customer authorizes Legacy Limousine, LLC to apply any outstanding balance to the credit card shown on contract.

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